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Our team at Bold Man and the Sea Media consists of a lot of Miami natives who have spent years sampling all of our city’s culinary delights. Whether we’re looking for the next delicious lunch spot to visit together or celebrating with friends and family at some fine dining locations, we’re more than grateful to have Miami as our home for all things food. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite foodie spots in the magic city.

El Rey De Las Fritas

If you’ve never had a Frita before now, then you have to make a lunch stop at El Rey De Las Fritas. You’ve never had a burger quite like a frita before – ground beef mixed in with chorizo, topped with sauteed onions and shoestring potatoes – and once you take your first bite we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.



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Knaus Berry Farm

If you’re looking to start your day in Miami out right, then you have to take a trip out to Knaus Berry Farms and grab some cinnamon rolls fresh out the oven. This berry farm out in Homestead is known for having some of the most delicious cinnamon rolls, strawberry shakes, and other baked goods in Miami. They’re not open year round but trust us, they’re worth the wait! These rolls sell out fast, so be sure to get up bright and early to get in on this sweet sensation!


Greenstreet Cafe

Did you sleep in just to wake up with a ferocious appetite? While we love ourselves a good breakfast/brunch at Morgans and Barsecco, Greenstreet has got to be our favorite go-to breakfast destination. This Coconut Grove staple features the best cinnamon roll pancakes and Nutella french toast you’ll ever taste (we guarantee it!).

El Tambo Grill

This Peruvian restaurant has a special place in our hearts. No single restaurant has satisfied our lunchtime cravings more than this noble grill. Whether we’re chowing down on Seafood Chaufa or Lomo Saltado, chances are you won’t be leaving here hungry. We’ve never had an item on Tambo’s lunch menu that we didn’t like, so go ahead and make this your next lunch destination.

Organic Bites

If you find yourself driving down Biscayne Boulevard with a rumbling in your tummy, then do yourself a favor and stop by Organic Bites. If fritas aren’t your style of burger, then perhaps you’ll be better served by Organic’s delicious Lamb Burger or Tostones Burger (that’s right: tostones on a burger!). Order a Creme Brulee for dessert and you’re all set to hit the road and explore all that Miami has to offer.

Islas Canarias

Looking to get a taste of proper Latin cuisine on your trip to Miami? Make a stop to this iconic bakery and restaurant. Combining the best of Cuban baked goods and restaurant entrees, Islas Canarias is beloved for a good reason: their phenomenal croquetas. Whether you’re just stopping by for your daily dose of Cuban coffee or stepping inside to eat a delicious bistec empanizado meal, you absolutely cannot resist the allure of Miami’s best croquetas.



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Casola’s Pizzeria

Nothing builds up an appetite like a day spent at the beach. So after soaking up some fun in the sun, why don’t you satisfy your hunger with one of life’s simplest pleasures: pizza? This classic pizzeria has served as a local favorite for generations and with good reason. These pizza slices are as big as your head and are packed with flavor, too. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got sand in your shoes or have just stepped out of the local clubs, Casola’s always hits the spot.

Morelia Gourmet Paletas

When we cruise on through Coral Gables’ famous Miracle Mile, there are three words that come to mind that always make our mouths water: gourmet handcrafted popsicles. Nothing feels better in the vicious Miami heat than an ice-cold sweet treat and Morelia offers just that. Our recommendation? A Dulce De Leche pop filled with – you guessed it – more Dulce De Leche. Perfection!

Fireman Derek’s

There’s no better foodie fit for the weird and quirky vibes of Wynwood than Fireman Derek’s. This offbeat Bake Shop and Cafe is a must-visit for tourists with a devilish sweet tooth. Named after its owner, this Bake Shop offers the best slice of pie you’ll ever have. These pies are so good, we can’t just recommend one. Instead, we’re just gonna rattle off all our favorites real quick: Salty Monkey Pie, Crack Pie, Cookies and Cream, Grasshopper Pie, Coffee Pie, Key Lime Pie, Smores Pie, Nutella Pie (we could keep on going, but we’ll spare your growling stomachs).

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