Bold Packing Tips For Long Trips

When you travel as much as we do, you start to develop some strategies for packing your bags and getting ready to hit the road. In fact, our team at Bold Man and the Sea Media has mastered the art of packing for weeklong trips with nothing but our carry-on bags (crazy, we know). So before you hop on your next flight, check out these bold packing trips to turn you into a pro traveler!

1. Make a list…kinda like this one!

Ever find yourself staring at your luggage bag and wondering whether you’ve forgotten something? If you hop on flights as often as we do, you’re better off making a list of everything you need and checking it twice – thrice even! It’s no guarantee that you’ll pack everything (mistakes happen!) but at least you won’t have to stop by a convenience store in every place you visit just to grab a toothbrush.

2. Stop, Drop, & Roll

When it comes to packing clothes, you’re gonna want to forget all those years of folding shirts and pants up and start practicing your best roll. Tightly rolled clothes take up much less space than folded clothes (plus, no fold creases! It’s a win-win!) so switch things up and save yourself some space!

3. Layers and layers and layers!

Sure, rolling clothes works great for shirts, shorts, and even pants, but what about coats and jackets? Most luggage bags fit exactly 0.8 jackets, so what do you do if you’re worried about the cold? Snuggle up at the airport and wear your layers with you on the flight! You’ll save space in your luggage bag, be able to pack more, and stay warm while high in the sky!

4. Let No Space Go To Waste

Packing shoes or a purse in your luggage bag? Then surprise, you’ve got a couple more pockets to store things in! Grab your socks & belts and stuff them in your shoes to free up some space. Everything you pack can often serve as a storage device for something smaller, so be creative about how you pack!

5. Keep Things Fresh

Nothing beats opening up your suitcase or luggage bag to reveal the fresh scent of lavender or a fresh field of flowers. If you want to keep your clothes smelling great, then go ahead and tuck a dryer sheet in between some of your clothes before sealing up your luggage for good. You’ll thank us later!

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