Having a Bold Summer With Bold Man Original Content

Summer is quickly coming to a close (bummer!) and what a wild ride it’s been! The past few months have been insanely busy here at the Bold Man offices and we’ve been playing last minute catch up on all our favorite summer activities. That being said, there was one more project on our docket that we just couldn’t help but take on. Our own Bold Man Original Content!

Our team here at Bold Man and the Sea Media is constantly coming up with ideas for new projects and looking to flex our video production muscles. To that end, we developed the concept for Bold Man Original Content – a brand new banner of content that’d be 100% our own. We’d use our own crew to make videos that gave us a fun creative outlet. So with September rolling in and summer on its way out, we brainstormed ideas for this Bold Original. What’d we come up with? Top 5 in 305 (End of Summer Edition). 🤙

We grabbed a camera and took to the streets of Miami, capturing some of the unique views and activities native to our hometown. South Point Beach, Wynwood Walls, Virginia Key… we drove across town to give viewers a taste of what summer in the 305 is all about. It was one rainy summer, but the weather was kind to us on our shoot days. 🙏🏼 Miami was nice and sunny, bringing an oh-so-appropriate level of sunshine and heat to our summer video (thanks, weather!).

Our crew got to have some fun in the sun, soaking in the creative vibes at Wynwood Walls and walking across the promenade at South Point Beach. We chowed down at Coyo Taco in Wynwood (YUM! 🌮) and stepped into the brilliant blue water at South Point, we were definitely #livingbold every step of the way. As for the video itself, we think we nailed the cool Miami vibes in the sterling summer heat. Check it out for yourself and let us know whatcha think!

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