Brewing and Buzzing With Concrete Beach Brewery and Beehive Kitchen

You may not know this, but our team at Bold Man and the Sea Media actually consists of a bunch of beer aficionados. Whether we’re having a lager or a malt, stout or an ale, we’re always down to try the brewmaster’s latest invention. So when we got word that our client Beehive Kitchen was adding a brand-new beer to their menu, the Havana Lager, we had to go in for a closer look.

What’s the Havana Lager, you ask? It’s one of the staple brews from the folks over at Concrete Beach Brewery here in Miami. Always eager to sample some flavors from our local Miami brewery scene, we decided to put this new Beehive feature in the spotlight and visit Concrete Beach for ourselves to shoot an inside look at the space, the brews, and the Beehive connection.

Stepping into Concrete Beach Brewery in Wynwood, you immediately realize one thing: these people are serious! From their two-story brewing system to their oh-so-appropriate construction-themed decor (cause it’s a Concrete Beach, get it?), everything about the brewery sold us on their focus for our next Beehive Kitchen video.

Natalie, our contact from Concrete Beach’s marketing department, got us a solid tour of the location (lucky us, we know!). We saw the brewery’s ultra-impressive fermentation tanks, learned that the brewery produced around 5,000 barrels a year, and met with the brewmaster behind it all, Eric Hernandez. All the pieces were set in place for what was bound to be an amazing shoot.

We arrived at the shoot bright and early (well, as early as a brewery will open) and the folks at the brewery were ready for us. We interviewed Brewmaster Eric and asked him about all things Havana Lager and Beehive. We learned exactly why these two brands paired together so perfectly and even got some Beehive food pairing recommendations from the brewmaster himself. We also captured some gorgeous shots of the brew itself – the black and teal can of Havana Lager shining on our lenses with splendor.

Yeah, yeah, it was a successful shoot, but I’m sure you’re all left wondering the same thing: did we try the beer? The answer? You know we did! The Havana Lager was a smooth and foamy delight – a lager with a wonderful orange malt taste. The absolute best way to end a shoot day. To everyone at Concrete Beach Brewery and Beehive Kitchen: cheers! 🍻

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