Carnival Horizon: Journey to the Coin Ceremony

What happens when you task the Bold Man and the Sea Media team with taking the ceremony coin for the Carnival Horizon all the way from Miami to the dry docks of Italy? We go the bold route (what did you expect?) and take to the streets of Italy for one wild road trip.

Carnival Cruise Line wanted us to produce something truly special for the Horizon’s Coin Ceremony, so our team grabbed the coin and took it on the sickest European adventure before handing it off to get welded onto the ship itself.

The weeklong shoot proved one of our most exhausting, but incredibly rewarding trips yet. The Bold Man himself, Peter Gonzalez, drove endlessly across Europe to get from one shooting location to the next. On top of that, our team of four grown men had to pile into a van full of filming equipment for the journey. We’re not exaggerating when we say that we’ve seen sardines with more spacious travel arrangements than us (okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit).

But it’s simply impossible not to have a great time when faced with the beautiful views of Florence and Positano. That being said, we can do without driving a van through the narrow streets of Italy anytime soon (we’re bold, not crazy).

We have to hand it to our wonderful talent (the Horizon ceremony coin) for being so professional throughout it all. Not a lot of actors would have the patience to sit perfectly still atop the dashboard as we drove across Italy, but our talent (a large coin) took it in stride. We can’t think of any other talent who’d let us swing them over the Trevi fountain over and over again just to get that one iconic shot.

Jokes aside, it was a privilege taking the ceremony coin through Europe and delivering it to the crew aboard the Horizon. We wore our hardhats with pride as we arrived at the dry dock and hopped on board the still-in-construction Carnival Horizon for the ceremony. The Ceremony was a tremendous success and we were there to capture every moment of it – from the welding of the coin to the bottle of champagne smashing into the bow of the ship (don’t worry, there was more champagne on the ship for the rest of us. I mean, it’s a celebration right?).

There’s no heads or tails about it: our shoot in Europe was incredible. One last group photo with the now-welded ceremony coin was a must.

We basked in the glory of having wrapped up another intense shoot. Goodbye for now, Europe. Thanks for all the impressive views, stories, copious cups coffee, and amazing food (especially the food… is anyone else craving gelato right now?). We miss you, but there’s places to go and experiences to film. In the meantime, check out our Coin Ceremony video below!

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