Celebrating Freddie For a Day at the Hard Rock Café

On September 4th, the Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Hard Rock Café teamed up to celebrate Freddie Mercury’s birthday in style with the one-and-only worldwide Freddie For a Day event. In the weeks leading up to the event, the team over at Hard Rock reached out to our crew at Bold Man and the Sea Media to create a one-of-a-kind Facebook Live broadcast to promote the event. Rock and roll? Queen? A good cause? Of course, we were gonna say yes.

Our team is full of killer Queen fans (see what we did there?) and we were immediately onboard for this project. With a playlist full of Queen classics on hand for inspiration, we brainstormed Facebook Live concepts. We sent a smorgasbord of ideas to the client and they chose their absolute favorite: Queen of Play featuring Charades: Queen Edition.

With more iconic song titles than any other band in rock and roll history, we wanted to put Queen fans to the test by having them act out those song titles in a live game of charades at the Hard Rock Café in Miami. We Will Rock You, Fat Bottomed Girls, You’re My Best Friend… the tracklist for our game of charades came to us in a flash (A-ah! Savior of the Universe! Sorry, we couldn’t resist).


How were we going to cap off this Facebook Live? The only way to properly celebrate Freddie Mercury’s birthday: with a live performance of We Are the Champions at the Hard Rock Café! The talented rock ‘n’ rollers known as A Good Rosé stepped up to the challenge of covering one of Queen’s all-time greats. We had our charades, we had our band, and we had our venue… so how did it go?

The end result was a fun and high-spirited celebration of the man behind the music. Adorned with Freddie Mercury mustaches and jackets, our host, band, and charades players rocked it making our Facebook Live a total success. Want to see our killer live performance? See it for yourself down below!

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