Flying Through the Future of Burger King®

We spend a lot of time out on the road. Which is why we often find ourselves driving through the haven of all things flame-grilled, deep-fried, and fast food. Yep, the one and only Burger King®.

When the folks behind the King reached out to us to capture a fly-through of their brand-new restaurant redesign, we packed our gear and drove on over to get an exclusive first look at the new BK®. As the Bold Man and the Sea Media team made their way to the newly renovated Miami Lakes location, we wondered what exactly the new look had in store for us.

Wow, were we amazed at what we saw. The Burger King® experience had changed entirely from top to bottom (or from top bun to bottom bun). The new lobby was equipped with a suite of touchscreen computers that guests could use to order to their heart’s content. The traditional counter was still present, but adhering to the sleek new look by tucking the point of sale systems away underneath the counter. Guests could still walk up to the counter and order with an employee, ensuring that you could still “have it your way.”

The new Burger King® aesthetic could only be described as rustic meets industrial. Open windows offered views of the iconic BK® grill, giving guests a look at the burger grilling process that has come to define the fast-food chain. With the chain’s newfound focus on fresh ingredients, the open windows and direct access to the cooking process show that BK® isn’t messing around. And we were there to capture it all.

Whether we were inside capturing every angle or driving through the drive-thru with our cameras rolling, we made the star of BK®’s new redesign shine brightly. By the time we were done shooting our flythrough of the location, it was just about breakfast time at the restaurant. So with that, we dined on Croissantwiches and biscuits and hash browns galore in celebration of another successful shoot. With the redesign making its way across the entire chain soon, be sure to pay a visit to your local Burger King® and grab a Whopper®! Check out the video below!

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