The Suite Life With Nobu Hotel & Eden Roc

Last month, the Bold Man team photographed spas, salons, and fitness areas to give you the scoop on everything relaxing and cool at Nobu Hotel and Eden Roc Miami Beach. Now we’re back to keep the chill vibes going and tell you all about the second day of our Nobu and Eden Roc shoot (warning: this blog post may cause FOMO).

So to recap: the awesome people over at Eden Roc and Nobu Miami Beach hotels asked us to photograph a variety of Nobu’s premium suites for their website revamp. We weren’t about to miss out on the opportunity to witness these suites for ourselves, so off we went to enjoy the view. 😎

Our first subject? The Umi suite at the Nobu Hotel. With one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, a wet bar, and one killer view, this suite was absolutely to die for. One of the challenges of photographing a room with a view is, well, properly lighting that room. Capturing a suite with so many windows and light sources was difficult, but at the end of the day we weren’t going to let this villa’s natural beauty go by the wayside.

After that, we made our way to the Nobu Penthouse suite. How was it? To sum it up in as few words as possible…oh-my-god-it-was-so-incredibly-amazing! With its own billiards table and bar, plus amazing dining and living room areas, this suite was the bomb-dot-com. It even had motorized curtains that would open and close at the press of a button (fancy levels = off the charts!). With a penthouse villa this decadent and decked out, there was no way we couldn’t photograph it in all its glory.


Being amongst the first to step in and see the brand-new suites was a huge honor. The folks at the hotel were super responsive and receptive to all our feedback. The result? Browse the Nobu Hotel website and see for yourself!

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